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In June and July 2007 we went to China. We had a great time in this vast country. Our trip is covered by 3 subpages.

Click each photo below to read how we went on in Utah and Arizona.about a Tale of Chinese Treasures...

Dublin, May 2007

It all began one day when Roger went into McBear's office. McBear was sitting at his desk, stressed due to the increasing amount of TARF reports piling up.
"I simply don't understand..." McBear moaned. "More and more reports have to be evaluated and signed. The number of TA's pouring into this country from east is constantly growing. Somewhere out there there MUST be a leaking source...
"It sounds like you haven't heard the news", Roger said.
"What news?"
Roger continued: "Our humans are going to ... China!".
"WHAT??? WOW! WHEN? And WHO's going"
"In June... Well, they negotiated and agreed on only four bears on this tour. Since you and I would be going as per usual - to represent the Travelling Bears - there were two vacancies left. Then it was decided, that Tom and Bamse will be going with us.

This was how it all began... And soon we were deeply involved in our greatest adventure so far: A Tale of Chinese Treasures...

The First Tale: Beijing, June 2007

Trying to find the leaking source, McBear started his search in Beijing, the capital of the People's Republic of China. Here, we discovered the first treasures of what China can offer...

Click the photo to read how we explored Beijing.

The Second Tale: Shanghai & The Three Gorges, June-July 2007

In Shanghai we witnessed how fast China is developing. Time will show whether our western culture is beneficial for the nation. After Shanghai we embarked on a river cruise to sail up the mighty Yangtse River with all its wonders and treasures...

Click the photo to read how we went around Shanghai and explored the Three Gorges.

The Third Tale: Chongqing, Xi'an and Beijing, July 2007

Yet to come was the biggest surprise of the tour; the third tale meant a beary revolution, and never again would the group of bears be quite the same...

Click the photo to go to the page of the third tale...

We arrived YICHANG in China
then down
we went
the mighty Yangtse River


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