Utah & Arizona

Part 1: Arches & Canyons.

Part 1: Monument Valley.

Part 1: Arizona.

In September 2014 we were invited to a journey to Utah and Arizona in America. One of our humans was going to attend a conference in Phoenix, Arizona. This time we would be exploring natural arches and canyons and we saw the most amazing rock formations.

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Arches and Canyons

Arriving Phoenix, we hired a car and went all the way up to Moab in Utah. We toured the south eastern Utah and saw the most amazing rock formations!

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Monument Valley

From Moab we travelled to Mexican Hat and Monument Valley in the Navajo Nation. We wished to explore the famous Monument Valley not just from the visitor centre but also the natural treasures behind the visitor centre.

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Phoenix and Arizona

In Arizona we explored the southern area around the major city, Phoenix, and we saw tigers in "Out of Africa".

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We admired the sculptures
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