Home for Christmas
Dublin, December 2014

Having been out travelling so much, it was nice to be home for Christmas. We were going to have a traditional Christmas with all the traditional food: Turkey, potatoes etc.
On the 25th, we found ourselves busy in the kitchen preparing our Christmas dinner. We had a share of the cooker. Our commander in chief, Roger, was conducting the important task of preparing the perfect Christmas dinner.
"Did you put salt in?" Roger asked.
"Yup!" McBear answered.
"Okay, great! Now, watch those potatoes - and watch where you're walking! We wouldn't want your paws to get hot..." Roger pointed out. "I'm going to check how our humans are getting on with the turkey - we're getting a share..."
"Why can we not just have salmon?" McBear wanted to know. "I looove salmon."
"No, McBear, we are not going subsea! We are going airborne!"
"But... turkeys can't fly!"
"No, but they still have feathers!"
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Dublin, December 2014

Barnaby was helping us tidying up the place.
"Barnaby, could you collect all the peel from the potatoes and cabbage and put it in the bin?" Roger asked.
"Cabbage? Our humans call it brussels sprouts." McBear said.
"Whatever!" Roger was getting a bit stressed from all the multitasking he had to do.
"There's far too much rubbish for the bin!" Barnaby complained.
"Just push it down harder!" Roger replied stressed.
"Yuk! This is disgusting! And my fur is getting wet!"

Dublin, December 2014

On the counter was a huge bowl with something whiteish in it.
"What's that?" Barnaby wanted to know.
"It's called Rice a la Almond. It's rice pudding mixed with whipped cream. It's a tradition from Denmark. McBear used to have it as a desert, before he moved to Ireland."
"That's right." McBear said and added: "You leave a whole almond in it, and he or she who gets the almond, get's the almond present."

Dublin, December 2014

Then the turkey was finished.
"Holy Goose! That's an entire mountain of meat!" Roger yelled as the turkey lay brown upside down.
"Yeah!" McBear agreed. "We could invite all bears in Finglas for the dinner incl. every bear in Glasnevin, Ballymun and Phibsboro too!"

Dublin, December 2014

With every available team member busy cooking or tidying up, Roger saw no other choice but to bring out the bin himself.
"Ah, well, somebody has to do it! Being the chef is a responsible task and one must be prepared to be a bit flexible..."

Christmas PartyDublin, December 2014

We had a fantastic Christmas dinner and later we partied.
Bamse dressed up as Santa Bear and walked around and talked to everybody and said "Ho, ho, hooo!". Tom proposed we'd sing the old Christmas carrol, The Twelve Bears of Christmas, and Roger proposed we'd rock to Santa Bear is coming to town.


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